Buying a House

The home may be where the heart is, but the home-buying process can easily have headaches if you're not careful.

To keep hassles to a minimum, take time to evaluate each professional you'll need, from lender to real estate agent to home inspector to title agent. Choose client-focused, experienced professionals who are appropriately licensed.

Here are some tips,

Mortgage lender: Before you start looking at homes, find a reliable lender to preapprove you for financing. This is especially important now, given that there are more stringent government regulations of home financing.

Seek a responsive bank or mortgage professional who keeps the terms of the agreement consistent, or gives fair warning of changes, and who communicates well so that paperwork flows in a timely way.

Real Estate Agent: Look for an agent who'll communicate with you promptly throughout the process.

Make sure the agent you hire has the computer skills and is web savvy to set up automated searches so you're notified quickly of new listings.

Confirm that an agent is properly licensed and in good professional standing. All states require that real estate agents be licensed.

Home inspector: Look for inspectors who go beyond state regulatory requirements (though not all states require inspectors to be licensed), receive continued education and belong to a professional organization, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Be sure to schedule an inspection early enough in the process that there's time to deal with repair issues or other problems if they are discovered.

To prevent last minute problems at closing, closely monitor that the sellers take care of any agreed-upon repairs stemming.

Title Agent: Inquire about licensing, which is required for title agents in all states, and require a full list of charges.

With these things in mind then this will make your home buying process very easy.