By Shari
April 3, 2014
Did you know that in Laguna Beach there is a FREE door to door collection of household hazardous waste? Well there is! At Your Door Special Collectionsm  is a service provided to all residents of Laguna Beach. This service is designed to remove the hazardous and "hard-to recycle" items that pratically every home accumulates. Residents may schedule ONE free pick-up of eligible materials per year.  The acceptable materials that can be picked up are: Automotive Products such as motor oil and oil filters Garden Chemicals Paint Products Household Cleaners Swimming Pool Chemicals Electronics, fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent ...
11 Ways You Can Protect Yourself from DIY Disasters
By Shari
April 25, 2014
I know we all have seen the network programs and thought "Hey! These people make it look so easy, I can do that!" It may look so easy, and the idea of saving money is very enticing, but there are times where the DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects can surprise you. There are many projects around the home that can be accomplished by any homeowner but there are just as many projects as well that should be left to those with more experience. Either way it is very important to plan and understand a project before you begin it. Here ...